Musician, Artist & a Sound Designer enthusiast from Singapore.

Started having as a hobby at the age of 9 years old and began his career at 15 with multiple netlabel releases with multiple singles, EPs & other collaborations with many other amazing artists. His obsessive love for creativity as a talent and began more in self-study, thriving off and Suherman enjoys creating and fusing genres of electronic music with music he grew up listening to and was never afraid to try many new things to create what he visions.

His official DJ performances debuted in 2018 and also within the period, VITICZ formed a team with locals, includes 

Vanille A, 10SAI, Bentai, Rina, roxwindy who share the same vision. With especially the likes for anime & bass/dance music; co-founded a current running event: cawfeeMIX!! with roxwindy.

VITICZ is recognized along with many young acts, as he delves into many projects, especially after his successful first mini tour in Japan with the groups at cawfeeMIX!!, Playing on one of the largest known venues like MOGRA and CIRCUS Tokyo. Involving with online shows around the globe in VRChat & Twitch, like oltronica, LONER: Online, Anison Hijack, Shelter and many more to be mentioned. 

VITICZ has been a notable act for his versatility and many of his passions for Anime, Games & Music.

Managed by KINO (Based in America, Florida)




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To celebrate my 23rd birthday (23/07) - Lot of inspiration based on my last recent trip to Japan back in May 2023! and that was the first time I've travelled out!
Gave me so much inspiration and it gave me some personal thoughts on writing down the melodies, lyrics, thoughts about my recent events in life, it has been so tiring and how I thrive with these sparking events of passion when it all comes down about creativity & music. As tiring as it gets, always been finding ways to do my best.
Here's to me writing my story into audio.

Thank you for always supporting my music!

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Artwork Cover: Ginko


Features a character: Yumi Tomiko

A ghostly being that was found within in the deep web that would consider it as a goddess of death. She overlooks to everyone in the World-Wide Web, to steer along the feeling she received from the users in the net.

Guidance an album filled with the legacy that has grown from within and filled with nostalgic influences. Without any restriction when comes to creating, A sense of guidance was needed, throughout the journey of creating. Hence, to balance what was in need for VITICZ to envision further with his craft.

Collaboration Features:

Hoshimiya Toto | Ririsya | Moon Jelly | vie hana | AIJOU

phritz | Momo's Keys | Tyrrer | lullabye

Artwork Cover: Peegion_Photography & Jourinsg


Solitude, a sequel to the album:  Guidance.


Artwork Cover: Ginko